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With a vision to transform life on this planet by making the people on it happy, healthy and beautiful through the experience of the world''s best ayurvedic solutions. Vaidya sandeep patel co founder of niramay ayurvedic hospital the world renowned pulse reader successfully helped more than millions people from many countries suffering from asthama, arthritis, diabetes, psoriasis, depression, chronic, fatigue syndrome, back pain, fibromyalgia, obesity, infertility, high blood pressure, skin problem, epilepsy and many other chronic health challenges. Vaidya sandeep patel has received numerous awards internationally for her groundbreaking work in spreading ayurveda on this planet. He give consultations and lectures at various centre points throughout the world. Vaidya sandeep patel have created a potent line of over 750 medicinal products including herbal food supplements and beauty care products. Niramay ayurvedic hospital vaidyas are pioneer in pulse reading, health services, manufacture of ayurvedic herbal food supplements and personal care products which also has an international distribution. Niramay ayurvedic hospital has a state-of-the-art modern health hospital with a traditional touch to it in surat, offering health care services and products through the use of the ancient and authentic indian wisdoms and sophisticated health care facilities. With a vision to transform life on this planet by making the people on it happy, healthy and beautiful through the experience of the world''s best ayurvedic solutions. To cure all immune suppress disease through ancient re-search ayurveda. Mission “we at niramay shall work collectively in a professional environment and increase employee participation on all levels in order to achieve the stated quality objectives" At niramay hospital-we are with all traditional ayurvedic therapeutic treatment with ancient style. Niramay ayurvedic hospital is determined to satisfy through continuous product improvement, innovation and efficient network to service clients niramay ayurvedic hospital family believes in the good person in its employees and vows to adhere to the highest standards of:

  • Deep sense of responsibility, discipline and understanding recognizing oneself, and respecting other human capabilities balanced approach towards professional and personal life.
  • Placing organizational interest ahead of individual ego and personal interest honour honesty in all transactions.
  • Apply wisdom to assess right and wrong appeal conscience for morals and behavior to refrain from any bias or prejudice.
  • Focus on goals and meeting deadlines emphasize strictly on quality as a pursuit to excellence. "My patient is my god"

News Headlines

Ayurveda is an ancient science origin in India, our Rishi Muni, Gurus was great Spiritual Scientist they know everything about nature, human, Planet, Space, Oceans, Earth, Energy and all mystic small to large things. From ancient times Indian science and Ayurvedic Scientist are promoting their knowledge to world visitors to India along with their research science and technology. And they all visitors are utilize our ancient knowledge with their name only. Our bad luck we are not ready and even interested to share our ancient knowledge and we are loose our energy and life with modern science. So now we have to plan to spread Ayurveda Natural Science globally. Vaidyaratanam Sandip Patel founder & Head Niramay Ayurvedic Hospital is a world famous Pulse reader and ''Marma Chikitsak'' has a vision to spread and our ancient knowledge of Ayurveda and serve the chronic disease with Ayurveda only. Only Ayrveda science has a treatment of immune Suppressive disease. Vaidyaratanam Sandip Patel Mission to Share his knowledge with Various Place Vaidya’s, Doctors and Naturopath and medical Person.
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